a short text game about star-crossed robots and puzzles

A little game I made in about a week...just because! My most complicated Twine game. which is to say it involves remembering user-inputted strings wow *applause*

yes yes theres only one actual puzzle shut up and yeah its another thing set in a forest i dont know why i like the idea of forests so much, my next one will be set in space i promise.

I really just made this bc i was like hey you know what i want to make a cute thing from bits and pieces that i really like and would play if someone else had made it and hey I'll challenge myself and do some creative, more difficult coding for a change. download my source code if you like. i didnt put comments in it but. oh well. I used glorioustrainwreck's revision macro for the button puzzle.

If you liked the game and want to send crit, comments, love, robot fan art, whatever HIT ME UP AT piratescarfy.tumblr.com/ask

Thanks to my beautiful beta testers: Emma, Matt, Ivelina (plus all her friends and cousins), Josie, Alec, Grainne, Emily, Ciara, Polly, Mollie, Pip, Harriet, Kerri, Amaan (for the funniest playthrough ever omg) and Charlotte, (for pointing out the thing with the underscores lol) and probably others that i forgot sorry ♥


forest bus story thing.tws 60 kB