Move Sherlock's floating head around the screen to get the floating John heads whilst avoiding the floating Moriarty heads! get 25 to win!

I created this game in Scratch, but after I got BANNED MULTIPLE TIMES for the SINGULAR use of the word "DAMN", I feel like I've outgrown the Scratch social scene.

This version is significantly fixed in comparison to the last one, which was made nearly 3 years ago. Johns won't spawn near the Moriarty spawn and after losing, you can click Sherlock's head to instantly replay.

This game is very dear to my heart as it is the first thing I ever coded and paved the way for my interest in Computing which is steadily but stealthily shaping my career path for the forseeable future.

All rights go to BBC Sherlock for their characters, I am not making profit from this (tbh i wouldnt pay to play this anyway so it would be a bit shit to ask other people to play it)

Any comments, questions, bugs, whatever, hit me up at: