click the flag in the game window to make controls work

YES OK ITS TECHNICALLY NOT 64BIT BECAUSE OF THE TEXT but you would not have been able to read anything man im sorry

im pretty proud of this though i made the first draft in one day

coding and art by me. I also composed the background music with beepbox and made sound effects with bfxr

02/04/16 UPDATE:

-Added some minor items, with sounds


- Made NPC animations

- Added another NPC, based on my friend george (second time he's appeared in one of my games

08/04/16 UPDATE:

- Added a room

- Containing two grumpy npcs

19/04/16 UPDATE

- Arin and Dan both have dialogue now

- Key miniquest added

21/04/16 UPDATE

- new npc and side quest added.


-More rooms

-Mini quests? this could get too complicated though.

any other suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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